Now in Siros Island from 1-3 July 2022

Energy Balancing & Healing

This unique experience leaves guests feeling calm and in a state of harmony
This healing is all about using the body’s life force to heal and balance the body energy. This therapy works specifically on the energy of the body or aura of a person.


Dimitris Giannopoulos is a Greek Energy Healing Mentor currently living between Nepal and Greece. Blending the magic of music with years of inner introspection and human observation across Europe and USA from his early life, he has unlocked ancient life mysteries that brought to him in Himalayas. Recognizing the revitalizing power of sharing, he spreads and shares the experiences of his existence through the practice of Energy Balancing & Healing.

From a very young age, Dimitris was spiritually connected and was intensely sensing the energies around him. At the age of 5 he started playing music as a way to explore and express the magic he felt within.

When he was 18, he started studying Informatics, but soon realized that his eager for music and exploration of feelings was not satisfied.

After months of introspection, he decided to chase his passion and one year later, he received a scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, USA to study Jazz Saxophone. Full of sounds and experiences, he graduated with summa cum laude in 2001.

While back in Greece he was actively playing music in Athens along with well-known Greek artists of the Jazz, “entehni”, and pop music scene. He was also teaching music to share his passion with other people in the most respected music conservatories.

Despite his success and gained experiences, his life did not cover the void he was feeling. For that reason, in 2010 he decided to leave everything behind, change course in his life and seek for a purposeful meaning. 

He settled in the Himalayas of Nepal, where he lived in a free and unstructured way that was totally different from everything he had felt so far. The unfamiliar life conditions gave him the opportunity to experiment, explore, and reconnect with his spiritual part that was long suppressed until finally released. 

Meditation, fasting, praying and practice was part of his everyday life for years. Through his lifestyle, along with the interaction with enlighted people, he developed his own technique of healing and balancing the energy of the human body.

His technique was also influenced by traditional Nepali pulse reading, Thai Chi, and Reiki. In each session, Dimitris combines healing methods according to the participant’s need to achieve the best result.

The session starts with a short, guided conversation and then Dimitris scans your energetic – body AURA with his hands and without touching.

When the actual ritual begins, he could start chant, do distant energy work and if needed, place his hands by your permission in certain parts of your body.

During the last 10 years of practicing Energy Healing, Dimitris has helped numerous people all around the globe regain health and happiness with this powerful modality of healing. 

Every session is a unique journey of self-exploration, inner balance and intimate self-care.